Origin of Advanced Auric Numerology

1. The Basics of Numerology

2. The Alchemy of Numbers and its functions

3. The Name Definition , Purpose and Function

4. Date of Birth - Explanation , Characteristics and Potency

5. Symbolism of Numbers - Power Streams and Special Streams

6. How to apply Numerology - Past, Present and Future

7. Your days are numbered

8. Interesting personalities - Case Studies

1. The Basics of Numerology

a. What is Numerology ?

In simple words, Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. It is used to determine a person's personality, strengths and talents, obstacles to be overcome, inner needs, emotional reactions and most important of all to open the hidden potentials of a person and projection into the future life.

b. The Philosophical origins and History of Numerology

What is known to us as the modern science of numerology has its origins in ancient times. Although, the exact origin of Numerology has not been truly determined, there are some strong clues. The Pythagorean and Chaldean schools of numbers are the most commonly used. Pythagorean, a Greek scholar was considered a master mathematician. About 2,600 years ago, in 581 BC, when Pythagoras was just a boy of sixteen , he left his home to study and expand his understanding of life. He sailed forth from his native island of Samos and went to schools in Phoenicia, Babylon and Egypt. He returned home in 545 BC and he founded his own university. But his most important work was accomplished in the then-Greek colony of Croatia, in Southern Italy, where a branch of his university took root and provided education in Philosophy, Music, Mathematics, Culture and Metaphysics. During this period, he also created the science of Numerology. At the turn of the twentieth century, an American Woman, L. Dow Balliet, and several of her contemporaries published a few books and started the modern phase of numerology. The field grew slowly through several decades. Now, in the recent periods, increased research and publishing along with a marked resurgence of interest in numerology is taking place.

2. The Alchemy of numbers and its functions

While it is true that a figure from 1,2,3....t o infinity is a symbol denoting a quantity, it is also a fact that a quantity thus symbolized may denote much more than a mere number, as we may learn from chemical analysis, where two bodies consisting of an equal number of atoms of the same elements are of an entirely different chemical nature. This is the case between phenylisocyanide and benzonitrite. In the study of numbers, therefore, we are not only concerned with figureology, or mere symbolism, but also with quantities and geometrical relations. This study has its principles, its alphabet, its language and terminology and its own signification. Everything in the universe vibrates at its own particular frequency. By finding the vibration rate of any object, we can establish the qualities and energies associates with it. Because, there is an analogy between the laws of matter and those of human mind. Now by applying the principles of numerology - using only the Name and Date of birth of a particular person as the basic data - we can determine the major frequencies of different people.

3. The Name - Definition , purpose and function

Most of us knows, the appropriate numerical values given to a particular letter in a name and finally reducing to a single digit, by simple addition, and analysation and interpretation of that, particular number is the base of the numerological calculation. Nothing more than that information we will derive from this method. Therefore the scope is very limited and incomplete. To overcome these difficulties this Consultant invented a system called ADVANCED AURIC NUMEROLOGY.

Concept of Advanced Auric Numerology (AAN )

In Advanced Auric Numerology, the Name of an Individual is defined as below :

Name = Natals' Abstract Maintained by Eternal

"Naming" while you born was not just an accident. It is your destiny, blue print of life style according to the rewards of your KARMA gathered in your various incarnatious as suggested by the "Cosmic Intelligence".

Through this current name we can easily understand the environment and opportunities to be met, the mission one came for on earth, the final accomplishment. Experiences one after after another will pull and push the individual to fulfil the requirement of his/her destiny.

There are three basic rules to confirm the natural positive vibrations of a particular name.

Rule 1 :
On pronouncing a Name of an individual, oxygenation system should be balanced (Σ↑ = Σ↓).
Rule 2 :
In the name of any individual, pronologically, there should not be any part exhibiting negative vibrations like Ash, None, etc.,
Rule 3 :
The name so christened with the principle of oxygenation as said at Rule 1, if added, the resultant single digit total, should be a self-advancing and a blessed number. Such a number should also co - habitat with the date of birth and its total.

4. Date of Birth : Explanation ,Characteristics and Potency

Date of Birth Numbers defines the natural talents, characteristics and natural potency of the individual. The birth number represents the "tools in hand" while the name number represents the "work to be accomplished". These two numbers work together throughout life time and the success depends on their synchronization.

5. Symbolism of Numbers - Power Streams and Special Streams

The symbolic analysis of the single digits and master numbers is the essence of a numerology report or any other numerological character analysis. Since so many numbers are present and modify each other, the analysis, as we might expect, a considerably complex operation. When we understand the basic symbolism of the numbers outlined below, though we will have a useful grasp which should make it easier for us to interpret the various parts of the report.

a. " The Nine Power streams "

For Number 1: Autonomy, Possibility, thinking, Pioneer concepts, verbal stimulation, independence, courage and learning to assert oneself mentally and physically by leading the way.

For Number 2: Practically, trust, close bonding, consideration, emotional affiliation and intimate partnership; building security and emotional safety by forming bridges of communication; being supportive to the other person's needs, often by providing the necessary information, data and details.

For Number 3: Creativity, inspiration and artistic self-expression; beauty and imagination, the inner world of dreams and review, joy, romance and nature.

For Number 4 : Purposeful achievement through work, structured tasks and planned projects, being dependable in labour and producing useful outcomes based upon goals and objectives; intense and thorough efforts; steadfastness and follow-through.

For Number 5 :Freedom in motion, sensations, newness and physical vitality; making personal contacts, co-ordinating many variables, adapting to sudden changes while remaining centered in the moment; finding visceral release through the physical body, often in exercise, sports and travel, maintaining physical health in the midst of strong drives and appetites; bringing love into physical contact.

For Number 6 :service to the group : family, home, peers and community; caring and friendship, loving and being loved, helping to nurture others; servicing society, primarily in areas of teaching, counseling, entertainment and community services.

For Number 7 :Spirituality and deepening attunement to the Infinite; penetrating the great mystery by gaining self-understanding and specialized knowledge through study, research and investigation; finding measuring in life through quiet observation and inner reflection.

For Number 8 :Success through power, authority and management, strong use of will power; rules and empowers others with benevolence; win-win outcomes arise from firm policy, negotiation and clear boundaries; strong supervision and good stewardship improve investments, finance and yield profitable outcomes.

For Number 9 :Universal brotherhood and compassion, peace, forgiveness and reconciliation; tying up loose ends and paying off old debts; maintaining vision and high ideals in the midst of limitations, interference, and delays; bringing hope and working for the greater good of the totality.

b. Master Numbers : Special Power Streams

When 11 or 22 appears as a person's destiny, a special potential exists in that individual's life for a greater degree of awareness than is possible for most others. These master number give a person to great deal of creative energy, and as a result, such people are usually very high-strung. They have a distinct need to channel their creativity into those areas of life that can reflect their potential as well as express the power and influence they are capable of wielding. Finding such outlets and clear life directions is often a challenge, for theirs is a frequency of life energy that most of us do not posses.

For Number 11 :Revelation, originality, timelessness, exoticism, inspiration, idealism, extravagancy, modernism, fanaticism, craziness, folly, illumination, incomprehension, difficult communication, degradation , a new millennium.

For Number 12:Lack of concern, detachment, passivity, co-operation, realization, philanthropy, dissolution, audacity, intensity, work, obstacles, repression, incapacity, ruin, megalomania, wisdom, intuition, perception, logic, idealism, accomplishment.

6. How to apply Numerology - Past, Present and Future

The major difference between the normal numerology and Advanced Auric Numerology is the study of "TRILOGY" of a person's fate. Here, we can know more precisely about the "final outcome' of all aspects of a person, at a given point of time. Whereas in the normal/basic numerology (ists) analysis more about the character/nature of the individual alone can be interpreted and they are the handicap in the area of predicting the significant dates, unlike the system of AAN which is more precise. (It is the year by year analyze of an individual life pattern).

The purpose of understanding this system helps us lot to take major decisions in all fronts of life. We know in advance dos and don'ts in the course of life.

7. Your Days are numbered

One so wise as Solomon could write "There is a time for everything and a season for every purpose under the heavens". Is it unreasonable to suppose that if we selected the right time for the major actions of our lives, they would have more chance of proving successful?

Numerologists believe every year has its number and every number has its influence. Success, they say, comes easier when the program is planned with a "weather eye" on number-vibrations. These numbers are easily enough found and, as previously, there are nine main groupings, representing one full turn of the wheel of destiny.

To ascertain the influences associated with the prevailing year of life, it is reduced to its root or basic number. For example, entering upon one's 42nd year, the influences associated with 6 would be consulted. A subsidiary influence would be the number of the actual anniversary date itself; supposing this to be the 3rd of May, 1953, this would be 8. It is in the combination or synthesis of these two influences that one receives a picture of the ensuing twelvemonth.

Here, then, is a list of the influences associated with each year of life.

a. What to expect in a " 1 " year

The coming year holds out hopes of large-scale improvement in many directions. You will at last be able to take the lead, and to mould your material circumstances more into better shape. Organising and directive ability will be greatly extended. You will find others in your circle more responsive to this instinctive leadership which you will exercise so naturally.

As fortunate developments begin to show, so also will an increase in self-confidence. There will be much less trouble about making decisions-generally they will be canny. You will also find yourself becoming more the centre of activities and in a position to enhance your prestige and social rating.

Looking, then, for greater power, fresh opportunities, but don't be surprised if responsibilities grow heavier.

People who Specially Count This Year:

Persons holding the key position in material enterprises will be showing greater interest in your activities and you stand to benefit as a result of this. Do not be afraid of asking favours from those higher up - this is a year when you will derive much benefit through "influence".

Your Attitude This Year:

Your temperament will become more egotistical - so be on your guard against taking a too selfish view. Also think twice before you allow pride to stand in your way - it will prove an expensive luxury.

b. What to expect in a " 2 " year

Your year which will see frequent changes of heart and mind. Most of the developments will, in themselves, have very little significance, but the sum total will amount to something substantial. Look, in particular, for changes in connection with your home and private life, where happily, the indicators are of improvement along quiet lines.

Running through the year is a silver thread of romance, which will help to lighten your load and give added interest to the daily routine. Although not a year when you will be particularly assertive, it will nevertheless open out invaluable opportunities for gaining information and experience which you will turn to account later.

No need to get flustered about your ambitions, even though progress will be by fits and starts. Your will gradually change the main directions of your efforts as you experiment with this year's fresh ideas and outlets.

People who Specially Count This Year:

Close relatives will have great influence over important new trends. There is also likely to be an interesting development in connection with someone who lives overseas or by the sea.

Your Attitude This Year:

A more imaginative temperament will be revealed. Watch out that you do not romanticize events and personalities. Sentiment, too, will have free play. Here again it will be important not to let it dominate your judgement.

c. What to expect in a " 3 " year

The coming twelve months will be more expansive than you have experienced for the last six or seven years. Brightest signs are of an increase in your financial earnings, and the development of a more cheerful and optimistic outlook. This will enable you to take a less immediate view of things, and to concern yourself more with long term plans.

Generally speaking, your intimate partners will be as helpful and sympathetic as you could wish. One in particular, who has a thoughtful and philosophic outlook, will be in a position to render you valuable assistance.

Although money will be acquired more easily, it will be necessary to keep a sharper eye on your outgoings. Otherwise the increased gains will be offset by heavy expenditure, much of which could, with prudence, be avoided. Your natural instinct will be do not things in a more grandiloquent - and expensive - style.

People with Specially Count This Year:

Be particularly watchful of your relationship with officials of all types, and in particular those whom you consult on legal questions. Look out for worth while tips from experts on finance - your banker, stockbroker, etc.

Your Attitude This Year:

A more calm and collected demeanor will be cultivated. Former depression and pessimism will be entirely replaced, and you will begin to look instinctively for the silver lining.

d. What to expect in a " 4 " year

The coming twelve months will be chiefly notable because of the atmosphere of unsettlement which arises. You many count on making a large number of changes. Unexpected and sudden developments will take place and these will involve forming several new associations and friendships.

Do not regard it as a year of negative tension, however. Although there will certainly be occasional and rather sudden losses, you will also benefit from a series of extremely lucky incidents.

Right through you will find conditions hard to understand owing to the background of uncertainty. A good deal more travel than customary will be undertaken.

Look out, too, for a happy change of environment, and do not be afraid of undertaking original and rather speculative tasks, because these are likely to prove most advantageous. Develop your inherent insight and intuition, for this will be more reliable than hitherto. Do not be afraid of taking a more independent course.

People who Specially Count This Year:

Special importance will attach to your relations with occult students, technicians, Government Officials and persons engaged in the electrical trade. Further, new contact are likely to prove of the utmost importance.

Your Attitude This Year:

Your outlook will become more unconventional. Les the slave of a system, you will feel inwardly drawn to new interests and more "advanced" movements and ideas. You will place great weight on your new attachments, but rather puzzle your partners by an increasing tendency to make sudden changes without warning.

e. What to expect in a " 5 " year

The coming year will find you more fully occupied with your commercial undertakings. Buying, Selling, bargaining, will all play a larger role and there is also the prospect of increased travel

. Throughout the year it would pay to give more urgent attention to your business communications. Your are sure to receive some fresh offers which hold the possibility of an improvement in your status, provided action is taken quickly. Be on the look-out for new your correspondence.

Most probably there will be a new agreement or contract entered into with a third party and this document is sure to have a far-reaching influence over your material affairs.

The main weakness will be lack of concentration. You will have so many irons in the fire that you may be unable to give adequate attention to any one thing. Watch too, that you do not lose interest once an innovation or change has been made, because the main results will come only after persistent effort.

People who Specially Count This Year:

Contacts with writers, lawyers, accountants, agents etc., will be vested with special importance. Make sure that important arrangements, changes and negotiations in relation thereto are confirmed in writing.

Your Attitude This Year:

Temperamentally, your will be more uneasy and uncertain. A worrying, nervous complex will need to be checked. You will be more widely alert - and so more impatient with slow-moving colleagues.

f. What to expect in a " 6 " year

All the indications point to a more sociable, friendly atmosphere in the ensuing year. Much greater attention will be paid to your home and family life and in your work-a-day world it will not be your material undertaking so much as the personal contacts you make which will rank of first importance.

One thing to remember is that however carefully you make your plans, more attention will need to be given to the question of appearance. Good ideas will only "get across" if they are presented in a likeable and attractive manner. The same applies to your everyday world. Give more thought to looks and superficial impressions and you will find that others will be quicker to "tune-in" on your wavelength.

You will get your way easiest when you use the arts of persuasion, for this is no year in which to rely on force. Your friends and partners can be influenced and led but they will be quite slow to respond to strong-handed tactics.

Incidentally, you should get importance help from an influential friend, with whose aid a considerable gain or improvement will be smoothly achieved.

People who Specially Count This Year:

Generally speaking, women partners will have greater influence than men. Anyone following the artistic profession is sure to play a more prominent role; so, too, will children and young people generally.

Your Attitude This Year:

Temperamentally, you will be less tense. A more easy-going attitude will be developed and greater thought given to ideals than purely material measures. The outlook will be more cheerful influence over your decisions.

g. What to expect in a " 7 " year

You will have to contend with a good deal of misunderstanding. It is evident that you will be misrepresented or misunderstood over an important matter and it will be extremely difficult to make your point of view clear.

Another difficulty to which you will be exposed is the arrival of some misleading impulses or advice. Make a memo to check information leading up to important action and ensure that you take no drastic steps before you are quite certain of your facts. In speech and correspondence it will be far easier than hitherto to commit indiscretions.

Despite the background of uncertainty hinted at above there will, however, be happy compensations. You will devote more time to and derive more pleasure from entertainment, art, friendship-indeed there is also a suggestion of romance in the air.

Your free hours will see the commencement of fascinating new line of study or research which will have a tremendous appeal.

People who Specially Count This Year:

If not already in your circle, you will make the acquaintance of a visionary or imaginative person who is likely to play a more leading role. Note also your contacts with people of the thinking type who will involve you in their schemes and dreams of the future. Spiritualists and intuitive or mediumistic folk will also have a more prominent role.

Your Attitude This Year:

Your temperament will be "conditioned" by a more positive type of person who will have much to do with your life. Your ability to emulate and pattern yourself on others will be far more marked than hitherto. The mind will be more imaginative and penetrating, but you will also be increasingly the subject of moods.

h. What to expect in a " 8 " year

The shadow of the past is sure to exert a heavy influence over +he coming year. It will not be so much the new things taking place as the repercussions of previous activities which will count. In this connection, note too, the part played by partners and acquaintances who are considerably older than yourself. They are likely to have the decisive "say".

Don't look for quick results. All the indications point to a slow-moving, rather ponderous trend with recurring delays and frustrations.

On the credit side you have the consolation that such gains as are realized will be really worth-while and of a permanent character. By the close of the year you will have the feeling that something tangible has been achieved, after much effort.

Watch for extra responsibility and grasp the new opportunities to organize your affairs on a better footing. Some gain will accrue through buying but it is not a favourable time to sell. Investment in insurance and gilt-edged stocks will prove more prudent than "quick profit" speculations.

People who Specially Count This Year:

Listen to the more cautious, thrifty and reserved members of your circle and particularly to elderly acquaintances. Those who are connected with building or agriculture are likely to have a greater influence.

Your Attitude This Year:

The coming year will find you more practical and hard-headed in your approach to life. A more precise and reserved outlook will be cultivated, but you must check and inward tendency to exaggerate the gloomy side of the picture.

i. What to expect in a " 9 " year

The coming year will see you in a more rash and aggressive frame of mind. In no mood to temporize, you will seek to get matters more clarified and to press forward in all directions. The result will lead to a stiff battle with fate, but the odds are on you.

Watch out for increasing extravagance and be especially on your guard against becoming involved in quarrels. The general undertone of impatience is sure to provoke friction and you will be all too easily involved in disputes. Competition will be keeper but so also your ability to deal with it.

Briefly then, a year when you will make a stiffer fight for your rights. Your capacity will be all you could wish, and problems and difficulties which, in other years, might have embarrassed you, will be taken quite smoothly in your stride

People who Specially Count This Year:

The more pushful and go-ahead of your companions will have a greater influence over your life. Listening to them, you will acquire many useful hints and information. "Youthful" folk, irrespective of age, will make the ideal companions.

Your Attitude This Year:

You will become much more impulsive, reckless, and ambitious. Speech will be more direct, emphatic, and candid. It will, however, be necessary to guard against extremes, and giving rein to a too lively imagination.

8. Interesting personalities - Case Studies

a. Dr.Martin Luther King

Not long ago, the United States enacted a law establishing its tenth official holiday, this one honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who was born on January 15, 1929. His key numbers are 6,8 and 3, determined from the Chaldean method of Numerology. Of the three numbers, 6 is his most important. This was determined from his date of birth on the 15th of the month (1 + 5 = 6). Are these numbers really significant in his life ? you be the judge :

  • His first name was changed from Michael to Martin at age 6[6].
  • The name Martin has 6 letters [6].
  • He enrolled in Morehouse College at the young age of 15 (1+5=6) [6]
  • He completed his doctorate at age 24 (2+4 =6) [6]
  • He married Coretta Scott also at age 24 (2+4=6) [6]
  • When he was jailed during the Montgomery Boycott, his prison number was 7089 (7+0+8+9 = 24; 2+4=6) [6]
  • His final book, the Trumpet of Conscience, was published in 1968 (1+9+6+8=24; 2+4=6) [6]
  • 1968 was also the year of his assassination, which adds upto 6[6]
  • Reversing '68, 1986 was the year Dr. King's birthday became a national holiday
  • The numbers 8 and 3 were also important in the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Dr. King's original name was Michael Luther King, which contained 17 letters (1+7=8) [8]
  • The sum of his entire name, Martin Luther King, adds upto the single digit of 8[8]
  • His famous March on Washington also took place in an 7 personal year [8].
  • Dr. King won the Nobel Peace Prize at age 35 (3+5 = 8) [8]
  • He was named "Man of the year" by Time Magazine in an 8 personal year [8]
  • He became the prime mover of the Montgomery Boycott in 1956 (1+9+5+6 =21; 2+1=3) [3]
  • He authored his first book, Stride Toward Freedom, in a 3 personal year [3]
  • He was only 39 when he was killed by an assassin's bullet (3+9=12; 1+2=3) [3]
  • His name and deeds were recognized by a national holiday on what would have been his 57th birthday (5+7=12; 1+2=3) [3].
b. Nelson Mandela

Perhaps one of the greatest moral and political leaders of the last half of this twentieth century, Nelson Mandela became an international hero because of his lifelong struggle over oppression. He is an interesting study in numbers. As President of South Africa, he stands as a symbol of triumph over tragedy. Hope over despair, and supreme love over hatred. Notice how in this overview the number 9 played a profound role in his personal and political affairs.

  • Nelson Mandela was born on Thursday, July 18th (1+8=9) [9]
  • He was born in a year ending in 18 (1+8=9) [9]
  • His father's name was Henry (which under the Chaldean system adds to 18, which adds up to 9) [9]
  • He founded the ANC Youth League in that same year [9]
  • His first arrest by the South African Government was in 1953 (which adds up to 18, which adds up to 9) [9]
  • He was sentenced to a suspended sentence of 9 months [9]
  • He was sentenced to five years, then life in prison in 1962 (which adds up to 18, which adds up to 9) [9]
  • He was entering his 45th year when his incarceration began [9]
  • At the very beginning of the 1990s he was released [9]
  • When released on February 11, 1990, he was entering his 72nd year, which adds up to 9[9]
  • Finally, on May 10, 1994, inauguration day as state president of South Africa, he was having a 9 personal day [9]
  • c. Tiger Woods - The Golfer extraordinaire

    "He may be the type of player that only comes around once in a millennium. He's got the heart of a lion."

    Nineteen ninety-seven was quite a year for a young man who literally captured national and international attention in the individual sport of golf. Setting unheard of records at the Masters, Tiger Woods established standards for years to come and was the first person of African-Asian-American descent to do so. However, taking a more esoteric look into his sign and birth number offers additional insights, especially about the influence of number 3 in his life so far. Tiger Woods was born on Tuesday, December 30, 1975. Let's see where we can go from here :

    • Tiger Woods was born on the 30th (3 + 0 =3) [3]
    • His birth name, Eldrick Woods, has twelve letters (1+2=3) [3]
    • He shot a score of 48 for 9 holes on a United States Navy golf course when he was an incredible 3 years old (48 also adds up to 12; 1 + 2 = 3) [3]
    • He won the U.S. Junior Amateurs 3 years in a row (1991-1993) [3]
    • He then won the U.S. Amateurs an unprecedented 3 years in row, the only one to do so (1994-1996) [3]
    • While at Stanford University, his golf coach was Wally Goodwin, whose name is spelled with twelve letters (1+2 = 3) [3]
    • He dropped out of Stanford in his third year to become a professional golfer [3]
    • Tiger's agent, Hughes Norton of IMG, has twelve letters in his name (1+2=3) [3]
    • Tiger won the Masters title in April 1997, a 3 universal month (4+1+9+9+7=30; 3+0 =3) [3]
    • It was on that Saturday the 12th (which adds up to a 3) of the Augusta round that he opened up a massive 8-stroke lead [3]
    • He won the title in his third Masters appearance [3]
    • He was the youngest to win the Masters at age 21 (2+1=3) [3]
    • He won by the widest margin ever in the Masters, twelve strokes [3]
    • As a result, Tiger Woods became the third minority member, behind Ron Townsend and Bill Simms, in the exclusive Atlanta National Golf Club [3]
    • After winning the Masters, his first national interview was on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," taped on the 21st (2+1=3) [3]. It was aired 3 days later on a Thursday (which rules the number 3 ) [3]
    • Subsequently, Tiger Woods signed a 30 million dollar deal with American Express as its international Spokesman (3+0=3) [3]


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