Gem Chromotherapy

A Powerful, Permanent and Scientific Method of Healing System Introduction

Every one in this world knows about sun rays and its benefits. It is also true that without sun rays nothing will survive. The sun rays have seven colours termed in short form as VIBGYOR ie. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. According to our yoga sastras there are seven main chakras in our human body and these chakras in turn recognized as glands in medical field. From research we may find a natural affinity for certain frequencies of colour because each colour vibrates with one or more of our chakra centres.

AURA - Definition and structure

These colour luminaries in respect to each chakras make a COHESIVE QUANTUM ENERGY FIELD around our physical body called Etheric Body, which constantly pulsating at the rate of about 15 pulses / minute. This pulsation form a wave-like motion completely enclosing our physical body in appropriate combination of all spectral colours called AURA. These aural colours permantely surrounds us, till we survive due to the effect of Earth magnetism and its North - South polarity. They project the power of personality, extent of spiritually, intensity of feelings, quality of healing, strength of will and resolution of purpose of an individual.

Changes in Aural colors - what it reveals

A normal or perfect AURA protects our physical body as it is balanced by means of all the spectral colours in required combinations. But in real sense, this aural colours will get disturbed from time to time due to various factors like our strong feelings, emotions etc. A wise and distinctive change will occur on the basis of the planetary transits (or by Ruling Numbers) of a native in his / her life time. These changes in the auric field with respect to its colours have a direct relationship with our well being. For example, when a benefic number dominants (during its Ruling Period) make our AURA more glow and vibrant. This healthy AURA in turn makes the individual happy and powerful. On the other hand, during the transit of a malefie number, the aural energy seems to be damaged and inert which leads the individual in distressed existence.

Scientific secrets behind gem chromotherapy

By providing the required colour vibration to our body cells which they lacks presently (the same way as the cells that lacks Nutritions) the affected AURA can be recharged and activated by using the method of advanced techniques of Gem Chromotherapy. What really happens is when an individual comes under the control of a malefie number (during its transition) the person's body cells begin to loss a particular colour vibration, makes the cells to de-polarize and alter their frequencies and therefore its pattern of growth. This will cause damage to our AURA. If enough / required colour vibration is feeded in recommended dosage to our body cells they once again regain its polarity as well as its frequencies. This will certainly cure our aural damage and it becomes more glow and more vibrant. This in turn protects our physical body and makes our life more successful, easy and most important of all lucky.

Color solarisation through enriched gems

Since 'Enriched' Gem stones have the qualities of absorbing and transmitting light frequencies and electromagnetic energy, the two Gem stones of opposite polarities inside the bottle create a perfect Ionic Balance between the molecules of the liquid with the help of colour ray that penetrates the bottle. This process is called Colour Solarisation. Both the above process should be carried out simultaneously and termed as RADIATED COLOUR SOLARISED WATER. Through this method the liquid inside the bottle is more potent carrying the required colour vibration.

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