What is biorhythm?. What good effects would take place by knowing your biorhythms?. How can you use this kind of information? How to calculate it? To get answers for all this questions we will go in detail to know the importance and effectiveness of these biorhythm curves and its applications to improve our life. The Biorhythms Graph shown here reveal how ideal biorhythms look likes. The size and shape of the biorhythms is shown as having ideal symmetry, with equal positive and negative halves. In a perfect world these are what our biorhythms would look like. But in reality, people can be "out-of-phase" with one or more of their biorhythms. One Biorhythm may be healthy and the other 2 might be slightly (or ) grossly distorted. You can easily be physically fit, but an emotional wreck at the same time.

But you can change these patterns. The goal of the Biorhythms Calculation is to understand and improve these areas of our lives. Attention to your personal life in accordance with this Biorhythm Curves will significantly enhance your health, both physically and mentally as well as wealth.

Think of your biorhythms as being like a swing-set where it is your job to keep 3 children happy. All 3 kids start off swinging in the same direction at the same time and it is your job to push them to keep them swinging. It takes a good strong push to start each one in motion (birth), but after they are swinging it only takes a gentle nudge at just the right time to keep them swinging. Apply that gentle nudge at the wrong time and you subtract from the momentum. By having your own personalized Biorhythms Chart Calculations you know exactly when to apply the gentle nudge.

Biological rhythm is a cyclic pattern of changes in the physiology of organisms. Also known as circadian rhythms. The phenomena are seen in the cycles of opening and closing of flowers and the increased activity of nocturnal animals even during cloudy conditions. Although the exact nature of the internal mechanisms are not known, various external stimuli including light, temperature and gravity influence an organism's physiology. The rhythms of the Earth moving around the Sun gives us the 24 hour cycles of night and day and the yearly cycle of the seasons. When a person travels by an aeroplane half way around the world, their body rhythms are disrupted and they experience something called jet-lag. Some people that work the night-shift and get plenty of sleep, still don't feel quite rested. Other examples of biorhythms are brain waves (theta, alpha, and delta), heart beats, menstruation, ovulation, breathing, sleep cycles and eating cycles. What happens when you miss or are late for a regular meal? That's right, your digestive juices start right on schedule, with or without the food. Scientists cannot explain why we get hiccups, but they do know that they are caused by disruption of the rhythmic movement of the diaphragm.

Every biorhythm cycle has 3 aspects viz., an upside, a downside and the transition points. For example the Emotional Biorhythm cycle is 28 days long. That means we have 14 days on the upside of the cycle and 14 days on the downside of the cycle. The upside of any Biorhythm is a positive period of time when a person can expect to get the most enjoyment out of, or benefit the most from this biological aspect. The downside of any Biorhythm is a negative period of time when a person should recuperate or try not expend too much effort in this aspect. Good things don't always happen on the upside, and bad things don't always happen on the downside. Most good things happen to us during the upside, and most bad things happen to us during the downside of a cycle. Therefore it is a good idea to work with and not against the natural aspect of a biorhythm. The transition points are the times when the Biorhythm is passing through zero (between the upside and downside) and are definitely unpredictable. A transition can be extremely positive (miraculous) or extremely negative (disastrous) depending on your circumstances at that instant. Use this biorhythms Chart to predict these transition times and reap the benefits, instead of suffering the consequences.

For instance, you can achieve the most from your children or employees, by assigning physical work when their Physical Biorhythm is located in the upper half of the cycle. Or mental assignments when their Intellectual Biorhythm is located in the upper half of the cycle. The Emotional Biorhythm in the upper half is a good time to be reading, studying new designs, experimenting with new foods, going out to a dinner and a show, planning social events.

The four major cycles are:

  1. The Physical Biorhythm cycle - It is 23 days long. It affects muscle strength, nervous system, immunity to disease, fertility, endurance, balance, dexterity, coordination, speed, and stamina.
  2. The Sensitivity Biorhythm also called as Emotional cycle - It is 28 days long. It affects emotions, cooperation, ambition, sensitivity, creativity, love, passion, optimism, pessimism, elation, depression. People with high emotional intelligence (EIQ) tend to be very successful in life even if their classical IQ is average.
  3. The Intellectual Biorhythm cycle -It is 33 days long. It affects your ability to provide fast accurate answers, logic, judgment, conceptual continuity, memory, analytical reasoning and the ability to assimilate complicated information.
  4. The Intuitional Biorhythm cycle -It is 38 days long. It affects your spirituality, meditative ability, instinct, intuition, subliminal perception, extra-sensory perception and psychic abilities.
Merging Advanced Auric Numerology with biorhythms

The study of your life through the high defined tools of Advanced Auric Numerology with biorhythmic analysis helps you to improve your life pattern, environments, your family and helps you easily to foresee your future and plan accordingly.

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