Profile of the Consultant Shri Pakszhi T.VENOUGOBALANE

The consultant, pakszhi T. Venougobalane, aged 45 years, is a native of Puducherry, a small picturesque town on the east coast of South India. Puducherry, previously called as Pondicherry and fondly as Pondy by many, is an erstwhile French colony and the flavour of the French culture could still be seen in this part of India and in fact it remains a part of the culture of the Puducherrians. pakszhi T. Venougobalane is a Psychological Counselor, consultant and Gem Chrometherapist and a long time student of esoteric path. His interest in the numbers' archetypes prompted his to look beyond the existing popular methods and this led him to invent his new system/theory called Advanced Auric Numerology (AAN ), combined with many traditions and modern concepts. He encourages people to read their own numbers and teaches his interpretive techniques in many workshops and private classes. Philosophy, Religion and Literature are the other subjects of interest for him. He has travelled widely and has met people across various walks of life. His natural psychic prophesy has helped him to unravel mysteries behind the individuals of many by interpreting and applying the law of periodicity of cycles. The way of predictions of the consultant involving Numerology and Auric energy has been widely acclaimed and he is a member of many reputed institutions. He has also authored articles in reputed dailies and journals. At present , the consultant is keenly involved to start a study center on AAN (so that the knowledge gained and explored is passed on to the benefit of others).

As of now pakszhi T. Venougobalane,Master of AAN is having a long standing experience of 18 years in this field. The client base extends beyond the shores of India and many Non Resident Indians are among his satisfied clients whose career and life have been shaped and modified based on their Numerological and Auric rhythm. The wise spectrum of satisfied clients ranges from ordinary people to professionals and politicians.

The consultant felt that the technological advancements should be capitalized to serve the clients effectively and this thought led to the creation of this website. Every care has been taken to provide an insight on the concepts as well as services through this media. Hope you would appreciate the concept and the services.

At present he is appointed as the Consultant Member, in the most prestigious and renowned world class institution 'Association Internationale de Numerologues', United Kingdom. He is involved now in writing an exhaustive book on numerology with full of graphical interpretation with mathematical precision for easy and better understanding of complete life of a subject for those who are interested in advanced analysis in this field. In near future the book will be ready for publication.

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