Stones, Crystals and Metals as well as Colour, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Akash, Ourselves, our Planet and our Universe all contains ENERGY. It is this energy, which permits everything in this universe to make it function. This energy source is actually beyond Religion, beyond theory or explanation. Colours, Precious Gems and Metals are all influenced by planetary configuration and their transits, which highly influence the lives of the natives in all spheres of human activity. Just as the use of the right type of medicine can cure a patient, similarly the right choice of Colours, Numbers and Gems in one's life can make life more smooth and pleasant.

Scientific principles of Polarized gem stones energies

All Gems with some minor exceptions are the purest and finest consolidation of minerals that were formed due to extreme heat and pressure inside the body of the molten earth. All Gems therefore ENERGY in crystalline form. They absorb and transmit energy as frequencies because they are composed of minerals that emit electrical charges in increased pressure. Hence, they serve as valuable agents of the electro-magnetic energy that influences the electro-chemical nature of the human organism. In addition to this they serve as IONIZERS - creating Ionic balance inside and outside the organism. When these Gems are embedded in pure electrolytes like Copper, Silver or Gold and used as rings, their contact with the electro-magnetic field of the body becomes very easy. With the constant contact with our skin they bring changes in body chemistry and in turn, these changes will certainly reflect positively in our PHYSICAL SENSES.

Planetary applications of Polarized gem stones

It has been discovered Gemstones emits vibrations and these energies matches with the vibration of corresponding planets in our solar systems. These planets have their own effect over the life on earth. The precious gems which have the same minerals as is predominant in the planets, acts as a modulator of the planetary micro wave vibrations. The rays of planets are super natural and our life is controlled by these forces and power in them. Gemstones carries power naturally, modulate the cosmic vibrations in such a way that the supernatural energy emanating from the planets is converted into harmonious forces which certainly boosts the morale of the wearer. It is needless to say, the gemstones are the harmonizers of the planetary influences

Advanced techniques in determination of stones for harmonisation

It is a complex procedure which needs a lot of calculations and experience. But we can explain the scientific principles behind this selection, for proper functioning. Energy is made up of (+)ve and (-)ve vibrations and the union of these two polarities will make a work to function. (Principle)

Likewise, among the Natural Stones some emits Projective Energy (+) (like electrical) and some other stones create Receptive Energy (-) (like magnetic power). Success, in the process of making the stones to function is based on identification of energies within the stones and proper unifications of selected two stones of opposite polarities. In this process, transformation of energy take place and a hormonising force is created which counteract the negative planetary influences. This transformation of energy modifies our system and a counterbalanced electro-magnetic forces is created in our energy field (aura) and hence body forces if said to maintain the equilibrium position. (Before that, in most of our cases, these forces are unbalanced and our rhythum of equilibrium is in disturbed condition, due to various reasons). Thus, if we retain our equilibrium position, we regain easily our position and prestige, happiness including marital bliss, financial gains, children, business acumen and most important of all, personal relations and love life.

Energizing and enriching process of Polarized gem stones

*Pioneer and founder of this unique process* Plain stones, if directly purchased from seller carries lot of handling impurities and it has to be 'cleansed' first. Cleansing refers purification process of stones. Plain stones also carry no special powers.

After cleansing the stones, it will undergo various treatments by natural ways (through proper rituals and other means) to enhance its positive vibrations. Treated stones under this process are very powerful and active.

After cleansing the stone, it is treated by special scientific methods (such as keeping in mixture of special liquids (magnetized) and exposing it is special UV / Infra-red lights for a period of recommended time) to clean and enhance its positive vibrations. These types of stones are very powerful to overcome any 'Doshas' in a person's fate. Wearing of Enriched stones are strongly advised because remedy here is immediate and assured. It is a perfectly programmed one to suit our exact requirements. For example, it has been proved scientifically that an ENRICHED DIAMOND emits projective wave energy of 5.4eV (1eV=1.602 x 10-19 Joules). "Wear 'enriched stones ~ clear all your problems"

About Gems :

For the purpose of creating an awareness and an interest on gems, an attempt has been made to show case some of the important precious stones that could be used on a day-to-day basis to enhance one's personal performances.

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