Corporate Applications of AAN®

a. To know the individual's natural potency, talents, traits and his worthiness to fit a particular job

Now a days, in such a fast changing trend of Business world, Entrepreneurs find it very difficult to identify such a person, who suits exactly for their key job requirements. Many new people enters into the respective market will all paper certificates but with varied mental capacities and hidden motives. It is a tedious process to filter many of them, in the name of interviews or other screening methods which involves more money and time. At this juncture, our indigenous system AAN ® comes to our help to pinpoint the exact and suitable person(s), who(se) are very harmonious and have tunable vibration with the promoters, just only with their name and date of birth worked with minimum time and cost.

b. To understand the compatibility between the partners and their contributions to start shared business

In AAN® method, each number (of a person) has an inner consciousness which relates to love and emotion and an outer consciousness which relates to work and business. Whether two different persons joining hands in a common venture will be successful or not can be judged well through their individual's birth core numbers. Compatibility at major positions of numbers gives an ever lasting relationships. Nevertheless, there are differences at times, sometimes quite serious, because of disharmonious numbers, which leads to disastrous end. By calculating numerically their individual(s) temperament delineations and cyclical changes by projecting their future, suitability between business partners or associations, for long periods can be judged accurately. These are all booms to the business people, who would make use of this system to portray their potentials, to know their significant contribution to the business affairs.

c. For coining a suitable commercial / brand / product name with perfect numerical parameters which fits well with the promoters

For coining or suggesting a lucky brand name or product name and its connected slogans can be designed for the sake of promoters for advertising to impress the public to widen their horizon of publicity.

Popular examples : "DUNLOP leads the WAY"
: "If it is GODREJ, it is SAFE"

our main purpose is to calculate the numerical values of such names of slogans and adjust them in such a way to fit in respective of the manufacturer(s) hormonicity.

These are used as a means of communication that brings about an identify of the product and producer. These identification marks create "Rhythmic image" on the minds of the educated people in general and illiterate in particular, make impact on their mind inducing to buy the product.

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