Personal Applications of AAN®

a. To understand the secrets of love, romance and marriage compatibility

Marriage, or the union between man and woman, is one of the oldest institutions in the world. Marriage requires love, harmony and above all, consideration and undertaking. However, affinity between couples and timing of such an important event is as important as the marriage itself. Colour luminaries called AURA (our energy field) are the major factor in deciding the natural affinity and mutual attraction between the partners on the basis, either it attracts, neutral or repels to each other. If it attracts both will feel love and affection each other. The presence and proximity of one will make the other happy and contented. There will be both physical attraction and union of minds. In such case, one will appreciate the good qualities and ignore the bad qualities of the other. There will be total intimacy and they can have a fulfilling sexual relationship. The beauty of married life is fully enjoyed only during total sexual satisfaction.

When the auras neither attract nor repel the relationship between the two will be neutral. One will not feel any attraction or repulsion for the other. The husband will show little or no interest in the personal matters of the wife and vice versa. Their sexual relationship will also be lukewarm and far from satisfactory. Similarly one will not mind the presence or absence of the other.

When the auras mismatch they will repel each other. The result will be total failure. One will ignore the good qualities and exaggerate the bad qualities of the other. The presence and proximity of one will make the other uncomfortable and unhappy. The couple will have to come together physically with great difficulty and they may harm each other in this process. Also, their ways of thinking will be different and they may never agree with each other. Intimacy will be impossible and their sexual relationship will be a disaster. Lack of sexual appeasement leads only to sexual perversion, extra marital relationship and all other social evils.

By studying the distinctive changes of the individuals' auric energy field (on the basis of ruling number transits) and its corresponding combination of colours, matching can be made on natural affinity for certain frequencies of colours (between the couple) which vibrates on a similar rhythm. These findings are very possible in our Advanced Auric Numerology method.

b. Naming a baby numerologically for the best future

The concept of reincarnation is the basis of numerology. Each one of us is a soul in the infinite cosmos and we come to this earth in physical form through various incarnations to learn various lessons according to our Karma for some reasons of Creation. Thus a baby is arriving to continue a journey of learning lessons only learnable on this plane. The soul of the baby carries with it a shell of memories and expectations and at the proper time the seed of soul germinates in physical form in the womb of its mother. At each new birth the inner desires and the corresponding Destiny determines its day of birth and name at birth. The mother has already spent a significant amount of time (in her womb) with this newcomer. She may have subliminally received some clues about what this little reincarnated soul should learn in this physical form as per the destiny. Accordingly, the Name flashes spontaneously in the mind of the mother, in particular, and she speaks it up. In many cases a list of names is prepared and suggestions will be proposed from different friends and relatives. This is quite natural. But, my sense is that she should be the final arbiter in this process.

In this sense, the amount of assistance parents accept from a numerologist should be limited to gaining some insight into the traits of the numbers for potential Names. Please don't ask me (or any other numerologist) to pick an “appropriate” name for your child. However, I can elaborate the good and bad features of different names, but the final selection should be made by the parents, especially by the mother.

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