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Pearls are not classified as minerals because they are organic in origin. They are formed by two particular species of shellfish called pearl mollusks and pearl oysters as an immune defense against irritants such as parasites. When a parasite enters the fleshy part of the mollusk, the animal surrounds it with secreted substances called mother-of-pearl or nacre. Mother-of-pearl is calcium carbonate (84-92 percent) cemented together with an organic substance called Conchiolin (4-13 percent). Mother-of-pearl can be pink, silver, cream, golden, green or blue. It is the substance produced by the mantle of the mollusk that lines its inner shell.

The pearl absorbs the negative energy from the wearer and boomerangs the energy back, and although it may appear to be a painful process, the pearl actually aids the wearer when to deal with self-confrontation. The pearl has curative powers because of the calcium, mineral and protein content from its original source.

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