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The consultant, pakszhi T. Venougobalane, aged 43 years, is a native of Puducherry, a small picturesque town on the east coast of South India. Puducherry, previously called as Pondicherry and fondly as Pondy by many, is an erstwhile French colony and the flavour of the French culture could still be seen in this part of India and in fact it remains a part of the culture of the Puducherrians. pakszhi T. Venougobalane is a Psychological Counselor, consultant and Gem Chrometherapist and a long time student of esoteric path. His interest in the numbers' archetypes prompted his to look beyond the existing popular methods and this led him to invent his new system/theory called Advanced Auric Numerology (AAN ), combined with many traditions and modern concepts.

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